Why Pingenot Health


At Pingenot Health, we understand how difficult it can be to find trustworthy nutrition and holistic chronic illness support.

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed, are currently receiving treatment, or are in recovery, developing your plan of action can often feel overwhelming and frustrating. We are here to help. Here are some of the reasons why Pingenot Health is the holistic support you’ve been looking for.



Edward Pingenot is a seasoned expert in the field of integrative medicine and holistic approaches to chronic illness, especially cancer. Doctors from across the United States regularly consult Edward for integrative medical counsel, and consistently report decreased symptoms and increased treatment outcomes in their patients. That means that you will receive expert well-rounded care.


Holistic Approach

We understand that numerous factors can influence your body’s healing response. From the food that you eat and the medications/supplements that you take, to the emotions that you feel and your ability to sleep, we’ll provide you with evidence-based alternative and conventional options that serve your entire being – body, mind and spirit.


Commitment to Affordability

The costs associated with managing a chronic illness can be quite outrageous, especially for those without medical insurance. We provide our services on a sliding scale; most often for a donation of any amount. We believe that finances should never stand in the way of you receiving the care that you need, and we work hard to provide outstanding support at an affordable price.


Patient Support and Education

At Pingenot Health, it is our priority to support your needs and equip you for success. We’ll take time to listen to your story, thoroughly answer your questions, and even connect you with the right practitioner(s) when appropriate. Our programs are designed to fortify your understanding and provide maximum support so that you can feel confident in your path forward.


We've helped hundreds of individuals and families discover effective and evidence-based holistic care options since 2011.

Let’s get started.